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Captain Mitsu Sato

Name Mitsu Sato

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown/Black
Eye Color Brown


Father Katsurou Sato
Mother Melika Sato

Personality & Traits

General Overview While she can be an aggressively determined individual who hates to back down from any challenge, Mitsu is also very relaxed and easy going most of the time. She values honor, friendship, and honesty. She is also sometimes referee to as being the quiet one in the room, as she sometimes prefers to stand back and observe.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mitsu has an extremely strong will, and she can be stubborn and will not easily back away from any challenge presented to her. That being said, she is also quiet and prefers not to go looking for trouble. She has a personal code that she tries to live by and uphold every day. She is a talented operations manager; however she tends to be overcautious and prefers to look for all available options before acting.
Ambitions To one day be given command of a deep space explorer
Hobbies & Interests Mitsu has a love for martial arts, both unarmed and with weapons, as a form of exercise as well as dancing, history, archaeology, and mythology. She has an interest in stellar cartography and planetary science as well. She also loves to read, preferring actual books instead of PADDs. She's willing to try new things if it seems interesting as well.
Languages Fluent: Federation Standard, Latin, Japanese, Romulan, Speaks: Arabic Understands Caitian. She is also familiar with a number of ancient Earth languages.


Personal History Born in 2380 in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, Mitsu was the only child of of Katsurou and Melika Sato. Her parents had at best a strained marriage and Mitsu was mostly raised by her mother and several of her mother's friends and neighbors. When she was five, her father moved back to Japan, leaving Mitsu and her mother in Hawaii. Even though her parents never divorced, they never spoke to each other after their separation. Mitsu felt as if her father's leaving actually improved things and she and her mother accepted the change as a blessing. The majority of her childhood was fairly mundane.

When she turned sixteen, Mitsu enrolled in a Starfleet ROTC program at school. She already excelled in her studies, and she found the additional courses a welcomed challenge. She found that she actually held an interest in joining Starfleet. The ROTC program allowed her to start learning some of the basic core courses that she would be required to learn at Starfleet Academy as well as several electives. When she graduated from school in 2398, Mitsu was automatically invited to Starfleet Academy. She enrolled immediately after her graduation, finding the transition from being a civilian to cadet life only slightly challenging.

Upon her graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2402, Mitsu was assigned to the Galaxy class star-ship USS Mercuria as an operations officer. She often drifted from operations to helm and back again, finding both departments suited to her liking. Upon a recommendation from her commanding officer, Mitsu accepted a transfer to Star-base 375 as a strategic operations officer for a one year tour in 2405. Upon the completion of her time on Star-base 375, Mitsu was assigned to the recently refitted Excelsior class ship USS Valeria as chief operations officer, a position that also placed her as the ship's second officer.

Ten months into her assignment on the USS Valeria, the ship was attacked by unknown hostiles during an extended patrol near the Badlands. Mitsu was forced to take command of the ship during the engagement, during which she managed to steer the conflict into an uneasy standoff by disabling the enemy ships, although the maneuver crippled the Valeria in the process. The unknown ships withdrew, leaving the Valeria to limp towards a nearby outpost station and wait for help from Starfleet. The Valeria was deemed too badly damaged to warrant repairs, and the remaining crew was transferred to other assignments.

For her actions during the engagement, Mitsu was promoted and assigned to the Nebula class star-ship USS Marie Celeste as executive Officer. She held the position until she requested and received a transfer to the USS Intrepid in 2409. Mitsu was severely injured when the ship was boarded by a previously unknown alien species in 2411. Her injuries were severe enough that she was placed on medical leave and moved to a Starfleet Medical facility in New Zealand. In 2412, she was released following a full recovery from her injuries, although she was placed on limited duty for the duration of her physical therapy. She completed her physical therapy in 2414, and instead of being assigned to another ship Mitsu requested a transfer to the reserve list in order to finish healing.

Being granted time to herself, Mitsu returned to Hawaii and spent time with her mother. Despite her mother's objections, Mitsu also contacted her father, who agreed to meet. Traveling to Tokyo, she met with her father in 2416. While he expressed his disappointment at her joining Starfleet, he was happy that she had chosen her own life, and much to her surprise Mitsu's father encouraged her to return to active duty if serving in Starfleet truly made her happy. Upon returning home from the visit, Mitsu contacted Starfleet and requested a transfer back to active duty. In 2417, Mitsu's request was granted and she was placed in reactivation training. Upon her completion of the mandatory training, she was assigned to the USS Relentless as executive officer for seven months. At the end of the Relentless's patrol mission, Mitsu was recalled to Starfleet Command and given command of the newly launched USS Eclipse.

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