A New Beginning

Posted on Sat Sep 22nd, 2018 @ 6:26pm by Captain John Wolfe & Commander Mitsu Sato

Mission: Taking Flight

John hated walking down the hallways of Starfleet Command. He could almost say that he hated the building itself. Normally, one would be excited to be called to the office of a Starfleet admiral, but for John Wolfe the excitement and awe had worn off long ago. He was still an exceptional officer who did his duty to Starfleet and the Federation to the best of his ability, but he didn't care to be around the flag officers who had either never served in the field or had forgotten what it was like. Some things stayed fresh in the mind, even years after the event happened. Coming to a stop at his destination, John nodded to the secretary, a slim young looking warrant officer who had the look of a coiled viper. He smiled, not a pleasant sight, and stood. Knocking on the hardwood door panel, the yeoman opened the door.

"Captain Wolfe here to see you admiral," the rating said. Someone inside the room said something John couldn't hear and the warrant officer took a step back. "Go right on in captain," he said.

John walked past the warrant officer and into the office, hearing the door close behind him. Walking straight for the desk, he noticed that another officer was already seated before the desk, a slim attractive Asian woman. John focused on her quickly, then turned his full attention to the admiral.

"John, it's good to see you again," Admiral Jason Kilreath said with a smile. "I hear you've been doing an outstanding job on the Zephyr."

"I try, Sir," John said. "No offense Sir, but I'd like to know why I was grabbed off of my ship and rushed halfway across the solar system with my bags packed at a seconds notice."

"Well, you're here because Starfleet felt that you'd be perfect for a position we have that requires a captain who isn't afraid to make a decision, even if it's an unpopular one. I don't believe you know Commander Sato," the admiral said, both avoiding answered the question and changing the subject.

Mitsu had been content to sit quietly and let the admiral discuss matters with the captain. She had personally wanted the position that the other line officer was being offered, but at the same time she understood that she needed time to adjust to the changes that Starfleet had made during her absence. One didn't just jump back into the deep end unless they really wanted to get in over their heads. Standing, she turned to face the captain, offering a friendly smile and offering her hand.

John nodded and shook the woman's hand as his brain worked, trying to figure out who she was. Coming up with nothing, he glanced at the admiral.

"Commander Sato was first officer on the Intrepid during the 2411 incident. You may not remember what happened," the admiral said.

"That was a first contact situation that ended with the Intrepid being nearly destroyed, wasn't it?" John said as his mind remembered vague details.

"It was," Mitsu answered. "Not one of our better moments."

"Commander Sato has been on extended leave, and with her qualifications, doubled with yours, we figured that the two of you would make an excellent command team together," admiral Kilreath said.

"I already have a first officer on the Zephyr," John said firmly but politely.

"If you accept this assignment, you won't be returning to the Zephyr. And I would highly recommend that you hear me out first," the admiral said as he waved for both officers to sit down.

Mitsu smiled and nodded as she sat down. There was no need for her to try to say anything unless there arose the need for it. She had requested an assignment, and she wasn't going to put her chances in jeopardy by standing on an admiral's toes.

John grumbled under his breath but he sat down, waiting for the admiral to continue.

"We have recently finished building our newest deep space explorer, the Eclipse. She's one of the first ships built with the recent technology advances we've made. She's also been assigned to deep space exploration, the first of her class slated for the assignment. We've made improvements based on experiences we've had with her class, and we believe that she's one of the finest ships Starfleet has ever built," the admiral said. "Captain Wolfe, I'm offering you command of the Eclipse with Commander Sato as your first officer."

"From what you're saying, it sounds like you're handing my a Luna, but I thought those were named after moons," John said, somewhat confused.

"Some of the improvements we've made include advances we've made based on the experience we've had with the Luna class, but you're wrong. Eclipse is our newest and most advanced Sovereign class ship."

John felt as if he had forgotten how to breathe. A Sovereign! One of the flagship, if not THE flagship, class star ships in the entire Federation, and the newest and most advanced one at that. And they were offering command to him? He finally took a slow deep breath and leaned back in his chair slowly, saying nothing.

Mitsu felt the news hit her as well, although for slightly different reasons. The Intrepid had been a Sovereign class ship, and she had to wonder if her experiences on that ship had had any bearing on her being assigned to the Eclipse. She was excited either way, if only with some hesitation, but she nodded after only a twenty second pause. "I'm willing to accept the assignment, Sir," she said.

"I have to agree with the commander, I'm definitely willing to take the ship, but I seriously wasn't expecting this," John said.

"Well, you both have some impressive records, and I think you'll do well together. The Eclipse is docked at Utopia Planitia. We have a shuttle ready to take you to her. Your chief engineer is already on board, she's been part of the engineering crew since the maiden voyage and knows the ship as well as anyone. My secretary will hand you your official orders when you leave. Good luck, Captain, Commander. Dismissed."