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Reporting Aboard

Posted on Fri Dec 14th, 2018 @ 2:44am by Eva & Commander Mitsu Sato & Lieutenant Turk Hawkings

Mission: Taking Flight

Mitsu hid a yawn as she walked along the corridors of the Eclipse with a Padd in her hand. The latest daily updates from Starfleet Command were depressing, especially where the new crew arrivals were concerned, but the captain still seemed determined to have the ship depart on time. Fortunately, the Eclipse was only going to patrol along the Romulan Neutral Zone and stop at a star base before continuing on to deep space. At the thought that nothing could possibly go wrong, Mitsu paused mid-step in the middle of the corridor and stared at the Padd. Whoever had written the report had clearly never spent time away from a desk. With a slightly annoyed expression, Mitsu turned the Padd off and resisted the urge to throw it down the corridor. For a moment, she thought about going and hiding in the lower decks for a few hours, but that wasn't going to get the ship ready to depart. Looking up, she sighed and started forward again, walking around a corner and nearly running into someone.

That someone was Lieutenant Turk Hawkings, currently engrossed in a conversation with Eva. “Tell me again,” Turk was saying, “Exactly how you’re not designed to replace me.”

Eva already wasn't very sociable since there was work to be done and no one to do it just yet. She had been excited to "hear" about a new operations chief, and was in the beginning of a very unusual conversation when the almost-collision, almost-occurred.

“Oh, good, Commander.” Turk was following Eva to meet and report in to the XO. “Lieutenant Hawkings, reporting for duty.” He handed over his PADD.

"Please hurry him to duty, commander, I have a lot of work for him to do to at least thirty of my systems," Eva said in a grouchy tone.

"Eva, go bother engineering for a bit and shoo," Mitsu said as she accepted the Padd from the Lieutenant. Glancing over the contents quickly, she nodded. "Everything seems to be in order, Lieutenant. I hope you're in for a challenge, because while she's brand new, the Eclipse does have a few differences that sets her apart from other ships in Starfleet. The first item on that list I see you've already met," she finished by pinning the hologram of the AI avatar with a pointed glare.

“Indeed.” Turk’s mind was reeling with questions about the AI. “It’s not everyday you see and meet your own obsolescence so clearly. Perhaps this is what the horse salesmen felt like when the automobile was invented. Redundant.” His last word trailed off softly. "However until I'm fired or retired perhaps I can make myself useful. Did you have a running list to share?" Turk gestured to his PADD. He was used to his superiors linking a task list or two or two dozen to his own PADD. Perhaps Commander Sato or the Captain had a better method.

"Oh, you're not fired. You're just going to have to get used to the ship talking back to you," Eva said as she gave the first officer a slightly rude look. Turning back to *her* new operations officer, she smiled. "I have a list of things that need your attention. I'd like for you to start with the atmosphere processors."

"Eva can give you a more accurate list than I can, but there is a list of requests in the operations files. You can go through and prioritize as you seem fit, just keep in mind that she," Mitsu gave the interface hologram and pointed look, "Will constantly nag you into wanting to throw yourself off into the warp nacelle plasma flow."

"I see." Turk pictured what would at least be a quick death. "Does she have a rank?" Turk wondered if he or his staff were actually going to be ordered around by this avatar.

"No, and she can't literally order anyone on board around, either," Mitsu replied. "She's the avatar of the ship's computer, and therefore here to assist us in running the Eclipse. That being said, she does know that she's basically the avatar of a Sovereign class star ship and that doubled with her personality, well, it's made her a little difficult to deal with at times."

"Thanks for clearing that up." Turk knew the XO was busy, and he should be too. "Anything else I should know? About the ship? The Captain?"

"Ahem. I can answer any questions about myself. I don't need some fleshy organic to do that for me," Eva said, giving Sato a playfully disgusted expression. In reality, she liked the XO, just as much as she liked giving her a hard time.

Mitsu suppressed a sigh of aggravation towards the avatar and instead focused her attention towards the new operations officer. "The captain I'm still getting to know myself, but as for the ship; well, she's brand new. We've actually got some systems that are brand new or even borderline experimental, and of course you've met our biggest issue here."

"Thank you Commander. This sounds like a very interesting post indeed. If there is nothing else, I think I will get to work." Turk said expecting to be dismissed.

"I'll let you get to it, then," Mitsu said with a smile and a nod. "Welcome to the Eclipse, Lieutenant." Giving the new chief of operations a parting nod, she started on her way down the corridor once more.


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