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First Impressions

Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 3:49pm by Captain John Wolfe & Eva & Commander Mitsu Sato & Lieutenant Rhianna Lynn-Terra

Mission: Taking Flight

The shuttle ride from Starfleet Command to the Utopia Planitia shipyards had been quiet. John had sat beside his new first officer as they both silently read over their new orders and the downloads on their new ship. To John, it was almost overwhelming. The Zephyr, as an Intrepid class ship, was small, quick and capable of almost anything in the fleet. The Eclipse, with her improved design and new systems, was a larger version of that, only not as fast or as nimble. The Sovereigns were still not as common as most other ship classes, but they were large, powerful ships that could hold their own against almost anything. Eclipse, as the newest and most advanced of her class, could do almost anything her sister ships could and do it better.

"The AI is going to take some getting used to," John finally said out loud as he finished reading over the AI program.

"I have to agree," Mitsu said as she continued reading through her own material. She had to admit that the thought of being on board a ship that could talk back was a little unsettling. "According to the reports, the Eva program is basically self aware and could almost be considered sentient. Which makes the ship basically an individual."

"It'll make things interesting, that's for sure," John said. A shift in the shuttle caught his attention and he looked up and out the forward view port. Before them, a shipyard scaffolding was drawing near. Nestled inside was their destination, a shining brand new Sovereign class ship that looked sleeker than ever the other ships of her class. The shuttle did a quick flyby of the ship before turning and heading to the primary shuttlebay. The pilot slowed as the shuttle eased through the open shuttlebay doors and the force field that kept the bay pressurized. The pilot eased the shuttle down and went into standby, keeping the engines warmed up as the shuttle would be taking the last of the shipyard teams off of the Eclipse once John and his XO debarked. Grabbing the few items he had since his gear had already been transferred, John waited until the hatch opened and he took that first almost exciting step onto the new ship.

Rhianna had been hanging upside down from the upper level in engineering trying to lock down a conduit coupling when Eva had appeared and informed her that the new command staff were arriving. The Orion woman sighed and slowly and carefully backed back onto the catwalk and shook her head. "There's always something," she muttered. Glancing over at the two engineers who were helping her, she sighed again and waved at the coupling. "Will you guys finish locking that down? I have to go meet the new captain."

"Sure thing chief," the senior engineer said.

Rhianna stood and slid down the two ladders to get to the main level. From there it was a quick trip from engineering to the main shuttlebay, although the sheer size of the Eclipse made it so that she walked through the shuttlebay doors just as the captain had exited the shuttle. Walking up to the officer, she saluted. "Sir, welcome to the USS Eclipse. I'm Lieutenant Rhianna Lynn-Terra, your chief engineer. At this time, I surrender acting command to your authority."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. I assume full command of the star ship Eclipse at this time," John said as he returned the chief engineer's salute. Lowering his hand, he indicated Commander Sato. "This is Commander Mitsu Sato, executive officer."

"Lieutenant," Mitsu said in greeting as she stepped forward and held her hand out.

"Ma'am, welcome aboard," Rhianna said as she accepted the Commander's hand and shook it quickly.

"So, Lieutenant, where do we stand as far as the ship's status?" John asked as he looked around the shuttlebay.

"The majority of the ship Systems are online and ready to go. We're in the process of readying the ship for final inspection by 0500 tomorrow morning. Eva's not happy with a few things and she's got the shipyard engineers running ragged trying to get her list finished up. Other than that, all we need is a full crew," Rhianna answered.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I don't suppose you could give me a debriefing on the Eva program, could you?" John asked.

"I am right here, Captain, and I appreciate not being referred to as a third person viewed object. I am perfectly capable of answering for myself," a voice said as a hologram of a very attractive young woman wearing a Starfleet uniform and command red appeared beside the group. "And I'll forgive you this time, since you're new and we haven't been introduced yet. I'm Eva, the avatar for the USS Eclipse. I want to welcome you on board, Captain, Commander."

John jumped, not used to a star ship avatar or a ship that talked back. This was definitely going to take some getting used to. "Um, hi," he said, recovering quickly enough.

"Thank you, Eva," Mitsu said with a smile as she bowed slightly towards the hologram. She had expected the ship's holographic interface to appear shortly after she and the captain had arrived, although the manner by which Eva had appeared had startled her as well. She had to agree with the captain in that it would take some getting used to, but at the same time it would be a nice challenge as well.

Rhianna chuckled. "She takes some getting used to, but she's been extremely helpful at times, specially when you're trying to run down a problem and can't find it. But, she does have her own personality, something that the designers weren't counting on. She can be a bit bitchy at times."

"Well, everyone, including Eva, will have to learn how to adjust," John said. "So, I don't suppose you have time to show us around, do you Lieutenant?"

"I'd be honored," Rhianna said with a smile. "We're still getting some things wrapped up, so there might be an access panel or two opened and in the way, but other than that we're ready.If you'll come this way, we'll get started."

"Lead the way, Miss Lynn Terra," John said, waving his hand to indicate that the engineer should take the lead as they all headed to the blast doors leading out of the shuttlebay.

Captain John Wolfe
Commanding Officer

Commander Mitsu Sato
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Rhianna Lynn-Terra
Chief Engineer


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