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Greetings From Fleet Command

Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 3:58pm by Captain John Wolfe & Eva & Rear Admiral Thomas McDuffy

Mission: Taking Flight

John walked into his ready room and paused before he went ahead and walked over to the desk. Tossing the two padds he had been carrying practically all day, he turned and stood at the view port. The view of Mars and the shipyard scaffolding dimmed the light of the stars, but that would soon change. Soon, Eclipse would be running through the darkness looking for new stars to explore. So far, he had been impressed with his new ship, if a little hesitant at the fact that the shipyards were still putting a few of the final touches on her.

"Captain?" Eva said as she suddenly appeared in the center of the ready room. "Operations wanted me to inform you that you have an incoming transmission from the office of the 5th Fleet Commander. I believe it is from the admiral himself."

"Thank you, Eva. Put it through in here," John said, glad that he hadn't jumped at the AI's hologram. Turning towards his desk, he sat down in his chair as the monitor came to life.

Tom looked at his screen as the Eclipse's Captain appeared on the screen "Captain Wolfe, I hope i'm not disturbing you" He stated more then asked knowing it was getting late in the day on Earth. He knew he must look a bit of a sight his uniform was not clean and tidy as you would expect an admirals uniform to be. He had spent most of the day assisting with the injured from YaDalla as the evacuation ships had started to arrive depositing the first of many at the station. He hadn't even noticed the blood stained hand print on his shoulder.

"Not at all admiral," John said with a frown as he noticed the admiral's appearance. "I've been getting acquainted with the ship and hopefully getting up to speed on everything. We should be released by the shipyards the day after tomorrow if all of our assigned crew show up."

Thomas nodded slightly "Glad to hear it we could use the help out here" He paused for a moment "I'm unsure how much have been briefed on the situation out here but things are pretty bad, I've had to recall a number of our border patrols to assist with the evacuation of YaDalla, I know you have been assigned to Task Group Horizon to explore the area beyond Klingon and Romulan space" He rubbed the bridge of his nose as he leaned back in the chair "Your orders Captain are to carry out a patrol along the Romulan border while on route to Starbase Horizon and check in with our outposts With so many ships having been pulled from the line I am concerned the Romulans might see this as an opportunity so I want to you fly the flag so to speak"

"Admiral, if the situation there is that bad the Eclipse can fly a patrol along the Neutral Zone and be at Yadalla in a few weeks to assist. That'll cover both problems. If the situation has been resolved by the time we get there then I can extend our patrol until the border patrol cruisers can return to their assigned sections," John said.

"It will take three weeks, twelve days, three hours and twenty seven minutes to conduct a mid range warp speed patrol of the Neutral Zone and arrive at the Yadalla System, not counting for any anamalies we may encounter along the way," Eva said, the AI helpfully adding herself to the conversation.

Thomas nodded gratefully "I guess we will see you in a few weeks then Captain" He replied relaxing slightly "How's the ship shaping up ?" He asked "I have heard good things from Command about the upgrades, from what i've been filled in on, she's the most advanced ship assigned to 5th fleet with the exception of the Endurance and her prototypes"

"So far I've been impressed with everything I've seen," John said with a nod. "There's a list about as long as one of our nacelles of upgrades and new systems that my chief engineer insists I get familiar with, and of course I'm still getting used to the ship talking back, but the Eclipse seems to be an outstanding piece of Federation technical achievement. There shouldn't be too much that we won't be able to handle once we get underway. I haven't gone over the specs for the Endurance, but if she's as advanced as Eclipse, then 5th Fleet is going to be a hot spot for personnel transferring to before long."

Thomas nodded in agreement "There's a lot about Endurance you won't see on her Specs but that's a conversation for another time, Once everything has settled here I want the eclipse involved in the Endurance's second stage test, I'll brief you on the details in person."

"I'll try to keep us out of trouble until then," John said with a small grin. It didn't last long. "By the way, if the Romulans do get out of hand, how do you want me to handle them? I'd really rather not fire on them, but you know how they can be and how much they like to push things."

"Defensive only Captain, if your fired on then your cleared to engage" He replied "But lets try and keep diplomatic channels open shall we"

"I'll certainly try my best, but that may be why Starfleet Command assigned me a diplomatic advisor," John said. "Honestly Sir, I'm not the most diplomatic captain in certain situations, and my ship may take personal offense, but she certainly comes across as being a little blunt and hot headed herself." With that last statement, he glanced over towards where Eva stood and gave the avatar a pointed look. The avatar rolled her eyes towards him and huffed before she flashed off. With a chuckle, John returned his attention to his monitor. "I promise to not start a war, Sir," he said.

Thomas allowed himself a little chuckle "I don;t recruit my Command crew for their diplomatic skills Captain, Out here I want Captains who are not afraid to give the Romulans a bloody nose if the situation demands it" He leaned forwards "Truth be told we all know the Romulans are in no position to wage a war at present which is the main reason they haven't attempted to close the Azure corridor and prevent us from exploring beyond their territory"

"It doesn't mean that they won't try to bluff or intimidate us. They may also see the fact that only the Eclipse is patrolling the NZ as a chance to either test us or make a play for anything they've been eyeballing. The only ones who are more ambitious opportunists are Cardassians," John said. "But if they try anything, we'll make them think twice. And we'll be at Yadalla as soon as possible. I'd like to request any intelligence on the Neutral Zone, Romulan movements and of course any updates on your situation as it develops if that's acceptable."

Thomas nodded and leaned forwards to tap a control on his screen "Granted, you have access to all current intel files needed" He leaned back again "I'll see you soon Captain, 5th fleet Command out" He leaned forward and pressed the button to end the transmission

John nodded before the screen blackened out, then sat there and leaned back in his chair with a sigh. It seemed that the larger ships had more responsibilities and more demanded of them by Starfleet. He supposed that was why the Sovereign class ships had more comfort, because he definitely appreciated it. "Eva, access the files related to the situation along the Neutral Zone and Yadalla. Focus mostly on current reports of Romulan activity. Compile them into a text based report and flag it to my terminal when ready," John said.

"Confirmed. The process will take several hours. Would you prefer that I alert you when the report is ready?" Eva asked.

"Your desecration. And thank you," John said, thinking it couldn't hurt to be nice to the ship's interface. Rubbing his eyes, he stood and decided to go check the forward lounge on deck 8. A quiet drink was just what he needed right now.

Rear Admiral Thomas McDuffy
Acting Commander 5th Fleet Command
Commanding Officer
Task Group Horizon

Captain John Wolfe
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


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