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"Settling In"

Posted on Tue Oct 2nd, 2018 @ 2:01am by Lieutenant Commander Dulok Son of Keplek

Mission: Taking Flight
Location: Chief Security Officers Quarter's
Timeline: Current


Dulok had just started to unpack his belongings from the USS Kelso when he noticed his bat'leth was not where he packed it. "Where did that 'ha'b dagh'(klingon explicative) ensign fool move it to?", he growled. Almost tearing up his new quarters, pillows flying, clothes getting thrown every which way, there under two heavy storage trunks was a bag that had a silver point sticking out. "Finally, my beauty", he said relieved, as he knealt down to move the trunks and pick it up.

Searching the empty walls of his quarters, he was looking for the ideal spot to hang it. The spot jumped put at him like a cat coming at him. There on the far wall where the light gave off a certain glow did make the Klingon weapon glow with pride. Once hung, he stepped back and stared at it a moment before he took his tiosk and put it next to the bat'leth and smiled. As he continued to unpack, his quarters took on more of a Klingon look.

It took Dulok about an hour to finish everything and he finally had started. Now he only had one thing more to do and that was to report to the Captain.


Lt. Cmdr. Dulok Son of Keplek
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Eclipse


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