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Matters Of Security

Posted on Tue Oct 16th, 2018 @ 12:37am by Captain John Wolfe & Lieutenant Commander Dulok Son of Keplek
Edited on on Tue Oct 16th, 2018 @ 2:09am

Mission: Taking Flight


John stood in the middle of his quarters and sighed. After years on the Zephyr he had become used to his quarters there and his belongings showed just how few things he actually possessed. Sovereign class ships were considered to have luxury accommodations for even the enlisted crew, and that same thought had gone into the captains quarters. Finally deciding that he would have to start collecting things again John walked over to the couch and fell down onto it. It had been a long day, and being annoyed every step of the day hadn't really put him in the best of moods. At least the Eclipse had a mission and a launch date, and he intended to meet that launch date even if it meant his ship would be understaffed. Leaning his head back John closed his eyes and tried to enjoy the fact that the Eclipse was his now.

Dulok had just finished eating replicated gah and it tasted like five day old gah reheated. Tossing the plate into the replicator he tapped his comm badge..."Dulok to captain Wolfe....permission to see you sir", he said.

John rolled his head back and forth for a moment before he stopped and tried to think over the crew roster. "Dulok. Dulok. Who in the hell is Dulok," he muttered for a brief moment before he remembered the name. Tapping his comm badge, he replied "Right. I'm in my quarters commander," he said before he signed off.

Dulok strode out of his quarters and tapped the corridor pannel for the location of the captain's quarter's. Once he had the location, he headed there quickly. Being in the service wilth Starfleet for a good 20 some odd years had taught him a good deal about humans and their customs. His loyalty for the humans could be matched with his loyalty for the Empire. He was equally loyal to both.

Arriving at the captain's quarters, he hit the door chime and waited patiently.

John lifted his head and grumbled under his breath before he stood. "Enter," he called. It was a sime formality for new officers to report in when they came aboard a new ship, but it had been a long day and he was starting to feel the tired creep in. He didn't know much about his new chief tactical and security chief other than he was a Klingon, which would be interesting alone.

Dulok walked into the Captain's quarters smartly and saluted the man standing, " Sir, Lt. Cmdr. Dulok reporting sir", he said quickly.

"I'm about as off duty as a captain can get commander, loose the salute," John said as he waved his hand and indicated that the officer could relax. "Have you had the chance to settle into your quarters yet?"

"Yes sir I have, thankyou", he said as he stood at ease. The captain was slightly tired and what stood out most was his casual way he presented himself, much like his former captain. Yet he had learned and observed over his career that you can't judge a person by just their looks. You have to judge them in other ways, like speaking with them and watching their body language.

"Well then, that's good. I understand you've been in Starfleet for a while," John said as he sat down and indicated that Dulok could sit as well. "Ever been on a Sovereign before?"

"No sir. I served on the Galaxy class and the Intrepid classes. The Sovereign is the high point of my career. I am please to be on her", he said coolly, as he sat across from the captain.

"They can be a bit intimidating. I remember when I first reported for duty on the Avalon. From what I've seen, they've made improvements to the tactical systems since then," John said as he leaned forward. "We've been ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone to fly the flag since the border patrol ship's have all been routed to help deal with the Yadalla crisis. There's a few empty star systems along the way that have plenty of asteroids to use for target practice. I intend to have the Eclipse not only fly the flag but show that even a single Starfleet ship is nothing to laugh at. I also want security to be drilled at least three times a week until you're satisfied that they can handle anything we may encounter out there."

"I should be able to arrange the drills and keep the security teams working on their drills", Dulok said quickly.

"I'll leave the details up to you, it is your department after all. Having served on a Galaxy class I trust you've served with civilians before. There may be some civilians on the Eclipse who wish to assist in security. If you feel that you can use them even as auxiliary personnel, feel free to do so.," John said.

"Oh...I shall sir. I believe there are capable people onboard that have some sort of talents that should be utilized. It gives the civilian population a sense of being needed and useful onboard ship", he said smiling at the Captain.

"Good," John said. "The only thing I can think of to add at the moment is that I want extra patrols around critical sections of the ship. If there's one thing I've learned about having civilians on board it's that kids can get into anything. I'm not worried about sections where there's a lot of traffic like the saucer section science labs or the shuttlebay, but the impulse engines, deuterium tanks, pretty much most of the secondary hull sections where there's little or no routine patrols, I want an extra sweep every hour. Just to be on the safe side."

"Understood sir. Is there anything more that security can do?", he said, just as he stood facing the captain.

"That's all I can think of for now, commander. Thank you for coming by," John said as he stood and nodded towards Dulok. "Qapla', Commander Dulok."

"Qapla' Captain, he said, nodding to the captain as he turned and left the captain's quarters.


Lt. Cmdr. Dulok
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Eclipse

Capt John Wolfe
CO, USS Eclipse
5th Fleet, Starfleet


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