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Fine Tuning

Posted on Mon Oct 15th, 2018 @ 12:19am by Lieutenant Rhianna Lynn-Terra & Eva

Mission: Taking Flight

Rhianna sat at her console in engineering and read the latest update reports on the engineering department. A cup of green tea sat by her elbow, mostly untouched as she tried to read up on everything that had been done and everything that had yet to be completely before the Eclipse sailed forth the next day. For a new ship, there were still a lot of minor details that needed to at least be checked. With a sigh, the Orion engineer finished the report and set the padd on the table. At least there weren't any major issues to deal with, or even worse VIPs who wanted to nose around the brand new ship.

Eva flashed into being, her features perfect as always. The hologram disliked to interrupt her crew during down time periods, but when there was a problem she had no choice but to intrude. "Lieutenant Lynn-Terra. My internal sensors have shown that there is a power fluctuation in the primary deuterium injectors. It's not a major concern but it will cause a fuel ratio loss of up to ten percent below nominal ratio standards. Further use at the current setting may eventually lead to major catastrophic failures of the deuterium injection system at a later date. I recommend a technical evaluation to be scheduled as quickly as possible," the holographic interface said.

"Thank you Eva," Rhianna said as she looked around engineering. Of the staff that were on duty, she seemed to be the only person qualified. Most of the enlisted were new and untrained or specialized in something other than deuterium systems. There were no other officers, since she had dispatched them to oversee other work. "Make a note that I'll take care of it. I don't suppose you could join me?" Rhianna asked as she stood and headed over to the storage locker. Reaching inside, she withdrew a full engineering work kit and slipped the strap over her shoulder before grabbing an engineering tricorder as well.

"I've made a note in the engineering log that you will address the work detail," Eva said after a moment. "And I will meet you there." With that, the hologram blinked out of sight.

Climbing the three decks up to deck 12 through the Jefferies tubes, Rhianna crawled through the service tunnels to the deuterium injector control systems. Arriving, she set the engineering kit aside before pulling the cover panel off and looking at the components inside. "Eva?" she said out loud.

"I'm here, Lieutenant," Eva said as she flashed into being as a one foot tall hologram standing beside the chief engineer. "You could have saved nearly seven minutes off of the time it took you to get here if you had gone through the corridors and used the turbo lift."

"I know, but I like the exercise and it's always good to know how to get from one point to another without using the usual routes of traffic," Rhianna said as she opened her tricorder and checked the readings. "I'm seeing a drop in power levels from the primary lines and it looks like there's a burned relay in the ODN conduit."

"I can see your point. One moment while I run a diagnostic," Eva's tiny hologram said. She was quiet for a moment before she nodded. "The power distribution control relay is not responding. According to the internal logs, it apparently went offline when a full system power test was run at 0530 by the shipyard engineers. Replacing or repairing te relay should fix the problem."

"Well, let's see just how bad the relay is, first. Would you be a dear and reroute the power through to the secondary line?" Rhianna said. After a moment, the primary power line went dark as the power was shunted through to another line. Reaching in, Rhianna pulled the relay from it's slot and sat back in the Jefferies tube to examine it. Looking at it with the naked eye she couldn't tell much, but when she scanned it with her tricorder she winced. "Eva, the internal circuitry is fused. Repairing it isn't going to be possible."

"Do you want me to beam you a spare from the engineering parts supply compartment?" Eva asked.

"I brought a spare," Rhianna said as she reached into her kit and pulled a new relay out. Tossing the old one into the kit, she turned and slid the new relay into place. Backing up a bit, she scanned the relay and the receptacle with her tricorder before she nodded. "Ok Eva, route power back to the primary line and we'll see if that does the trick."

"One moment," Eva said. Her eyes flickered briefly as she carried out the command and ran a quick diagnostic at the same time. "The new relay seems to be working perfectly. Full power flow has been restored and the fluctuation has dissipated. Thank you Lieutenant."

"It was no problem, Eva," Rhianna said as she put her tools away and snapped the tool kit shut. "Keep an eye on that will you?" she asked as she replaced the access panel cover.

"Of course. Naturally I keep an eye on all of my systems. "I have noted that the repair is complete. If you don't require my services any longer, I will leave you to divert attention elsewhere."

Rhianna smiled as she shook her head at the avatar. While it was nice to actually have the ship be able to discuss what you were doing, it could also be just a bit annoying. Gathering her kit, she started crawling towards the nearest access hatch. While she didn't mind the exercise, she was getting tired and it was near the end of her shift. Her plans were to quickly return to engineering and wrap up the day, as long as nothing else popped up to disturb the rest of she hoped would be a quiet evening.

Lieutenant Rhianna Lynn-Terra
CEO, USS Eclipse


Eva (NPC)


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