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A Moment of Peace and Quiet

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 1:06pm by Commander Mitsu Sato

Mission: Taking Flight

Mitsu sat in the arboretum and listened to the sounds that filtered through the compartment. There had never been any expense spared when it came to the luxuries of Starfleet deep space explorers, and with the Eclipse being the newest and most advanced of her class, Starfleet had gone beyond the standards and pushed the limit even further. Mitsu couldn't tell if the bird sounds were from actual birds or a very good sound system controlled by the computer. The only other Sovereign class ship she had been on, the Intrepid, hadn't had such a luxury as an arboretum, which made her being assigned to the Eclipse that much more enjoyable. The arboretum on the Eclipse had been designed well, and even Mitsu was finding it hard to leave.

A small koi style pond sat in the back of the arboretum. Most people had either overlooked it or ignored it because of the fact that it was cleverly separated from the rest of the arboretum by a clever grouping of a cluster of trees, but Mitsu had found it and found that the solitude the pond offered was not only enjoyable but relaxing. The few small fish that floated in the pond she was sure were holographic, but she hadn't tested that theory just yet. There was plenty of time to look into the small detail matters, and it wasn't a very high ranking priority.

"Bridge to Commander Sato," the voice of the officer on duty beeped through her comm.-badge and interrupted her thoughts.

"Sato here, go ahead," Mitsu said without opening her eyes.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Commander, but the last of the shipyard engineers have left the ship. We're ready to begin pre-flight preparations at any time."

At least that hadn't changed, Mitsu thought with a sigh. It would take nearly twenty hours to get the Eclipse ready to be underway, mostly because of the lengthy checklist that new ships and ships that had been basically shut down and were just now being brought back under their own power had to go through.

"Is the warp core operating well enough that we can switch to internal power?" she asked.

"Engineering hasn't reported any problems so far, Ma'am," the officer replied.

"Switch us to internal power and cut the power lines from the shipyard station. Standby to begin pre-flight checks. I'm on my way to the bridge," Mitsu said as she opened her eyes and slid her feet back into her boots. Standing, she gave the pond a final, almost longing, look before she started towards the doors leading out of the arboretum.

Commander Mitsu Sato
Executive Officer


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