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"Setting Up Security Routines on the Ship"

Posted on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 @ 7:04am by Lieutenant Commander Dulok Son of Keplek

Mission: Taking Flight
Location: CoS quarters/Brig
Timeline: SD 241811.10


Dulok had showered and changed uniforms before he had breakfast. The day started out on a good note and he had an agenda to follow today. New ship, new routeins, new personnel, and a new CO to converse with, but that needed to wait. This was a Sovereign class ship and she was new in service and her systems needed to be double checked.

Heading to the brig, he took in the newness of the Eclipse and ran into several of his security personnel, most notably one Klingon whose baldric showed the house pin to be that of House Koran. Stopping the Klingon, "You are of the House Koran?", Dulok said.

The rather gruf looking Klingon looked at Dulok and pulled his kut'luch, " Who asks?", he said.

"Dulok Son of Keplek...sheathe your blade nefore I birry it deep inside your cowardly heart", he said, placing his own hand on his blade.

Korg, Son of Kreg", he said, and embraced him quickly. You old son of a targh. What are you doing here and mpre importantly how?", Dulok asked Korg.

Breaking the embrace, "Well I heard my brother was the Chief here and well decided to come here. Working with you in the past, has made me a better warrior and a life debt that needs to be repaid", Korg said smiling.

"Well, it is good to have you here, even though I need no babysitter to keep me alive. The Eclipse is a good ship and given its size, makes it even more easier to patrol. Come walk with me while I check that everything is ready before we leave", Dulok said to Korg, turning to leave the brig.


Lt. Cmdr. Dulok Son of Keplek
Chief Security Officer
USS Eclipse


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